It gets frustrating when you are in a rush and D365 features does not work as expected for some reasons.

I usually try ALL the workaround first before opening a new ticket to Microsoft support. I want to make sure I have tried different ways and gather all useful information that I can share with Microsoft in case I needed to report an issue. This is also the best way to ensure that we can resolve an issue together as quickly as possible. Because, we are a team! Right?

Anyhow, I wanted to share something with you that I have used when Data Import get stuck in submitted status for some reasons. Usually, the first thing you look into is if the CRM environment is in Administration Mode. If YES, then turning it off should fixed the issue.

However, what do you do if its disabled but still getting this issue? (argh!) Open a Microsoft ticket! Right! But here is another thing that you can use.

Look into XRMToolbox. It usually have a lot of useful administration tool that can help and of course, Data Migration Tool. My goal is to import the same data I have in DEV to a UAT environment to ensure that I have the same GUID in all CRM environments. But why the same GUID, I’ll talk more of that some other time.

Data Migration Tool – I have been using this tool for years but did not realize that it has a filtering capability! I might be late on this but here is how you can use it.

When you create a schema and selected the entity you want to import, go to Tools > Configure Import Settings.

Then at the bottom, check User FetchXML to filter records.

Now, you cannot use the whole fetchxml format, you need to remove the output-format and just keep the filtering tags, like this:

Save and you are good to go! I hope this helps and follow me for more tips! Stay safe, everyone!

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