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Recurring Tasks in Dynamics 365 using Power Automate #lesscode

In Dynamics 365, Appointment Activity has recurrence feature. But what if business has a requirement to have the same functionality when using a Task Activity, like specifying a recurring pattern & dates? Today I will share with you a simple approach on how you can create a custom recurrence feature in Task Activity using the power of Power Automate. I

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Features of Queues (When to use and recommend Queues vs Activities?)

Activities is a list of all activity types such as Email, Phone Call, Task, Appointment, Fax, Letter, etc. Queues is a place where you list both activities and cases in the same view. Depending on business needs, you can recommend either one to manage all action items recorded in CRM. Some business users, they prefer looking into separate views, however,

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Built-in Custom Controls in Dynamics 365

Did you know that you can easily configure fields to a really cool custom control in Dynamics 365 without any sort of coding? Check this out! You can simply convert a Single Line of Text or Currency/Number fields to an Auto Complete, Business Card, Slider, Knob or a Star Rating control just through configuration. Here’s how: Navigate to Field Properties

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